Chitralis not happy with Taliban’s Nizam-e-Adl – Letter 1

25 February 2009 : Ground reality remains that like the people of Buner, Shangla, Dir and Kohistan, the people of Chitral, both Sunni and Ismaili communities had demanded Sharia and Adl regulation through peaceful means, whereas the Taliban of Swat went violent. I doubt the credentials of Sardar Hussain and Sirajul Mulk to speak on behalf of Ismaili and Sunni communities. The Sunni community is represented by its religious and political leadership, while the Ismaili community is represented by its councils of upper and lower Chitral. Salim Khan, Minister for Population Welfare and Ghulam Muhammad MPA from Chitral were present in the Jirga which announced the Sharia regulation, and these two persons have the right to speak on behalf of the people of Chitral.

As for as Kalash minority is concerned, I believe that the Kalash have lived peacefully under Sharia law in the past and they are equally happy with the Sharia and Nizam-e-Adl regulation 2009.

Bashir Hussain Azad,  Chitral.


Nizam-e-Adl regulation – Letter 2

27 February 200: Apropos Sadia Qasim Shah, (Dawn 23.2.09) I would like to clarify the matter of acceptance or otherwise regarding Nizam-e-Adl regulation by the Ismailis of Chitral. I do not want to bracket the Ismailis with Kalash minority of Chitral, rather I shall treat them separately. As a policy Ismailis never violate any law promulgated by any government any where in the world; they never indulge themselves individually or collectively in controversies like this, therefore I believe that Sardar Hussain and Sirajul Mulk are not speaking the minds of ismailis.

As a reality on ground, the Ismaili community has shown its acceptance to Nizam-e- Adl and Sharia law over the past many centuries in Chitral when their disputes were settled by Mizan-e- Sharia in the former state of Chitral. After the merger od state in 1969 the Ismailis took an initiative and established their own reconciliation and arbitration boards to settle their disputes out of court and the system is still in place. This parallel system shows that Ismailis were not happy with the legal procedure before Nizam-e-Adle regulation. So there is no remote chance of any disagreement on the Nizam-e- Adl regulation 2009, by the people of Chitral.

The writer has also mentioned Kalash minorities. A Kalash leader, Bachara Khan requested Gen. Fazle Haq in July 1981 to appoint him as a Judge. Gen. Fazle Haq asked, “How can you be a Judge? Bachara khan said, “I can dispose off cases like your Judge does in his office, I shall defer every case for next hearing and the process will go on”.
Bachara Khan is still active and he will accept Sharia as alternative to the present system.

Dr. Inayatullah Faizi
Balim, Chitral.


Friday, February 27, 2009

Nizam-e-Adl and Chitralis – Letter 3

I have gone through a report of Ms. Sadia Qasim Shah about the title matter in http://www.chitraltoday.com, acknowledging the courtesy of DAWN.  It is evident from the facts, figures, history as well, that the people of the Chitral have very positive, heartily and deep passion and affiliation towards the Islamic way of life. Both the Sunni and Ismaili communities acknowledge that the present system could not fulfill the needs and necessities. Time to time Chitrali people, through peaceful and sober means, have demanded the enforcement of Shariah not only in Chitral but all over Pakistan. This desire and demand still persist and it’s now being fulfilled under the recent Shariah Nizam-e-Adal regulation.

The writer of the said report quotes two known figures of Chitral, Mr. Siraj ulMulk and Mr. Sardar Hussain. The fear or reservation of both these valued personalities might be their own but it is unjust, unhealthy and to a great extend prejudice to portrait it as the feeling(s) of 400,000 population, or Chitralis not happy with Sharia. People of Chitral (Sunni + Ismailis) have very strong affections with Islamic laws. The people of Chitral hosted TNSM Chief Moulana Suffi Mohammad in 1994/95 in Drosh and Chitral and Maulana Sufi Muhammad hold large public rallies. As for as the perception that the religious leaders (Ulema) could cash in on this law/regulation for personal agenda is concerned, it is 100% explicit that if the system is implemented in true sense, then no one can get extra benefit of the law because Islamic law covers all walks and area of life and there are also penalties for such person(s) who use the law for his or their own benefit(s). Islamic laws are not based on some likes, dislikes, Inclusions and exclusions. 

Role of {Religious Leaders} Ullema is admitted and recognized by each & every one in everywhere. This is the role of Ulema who made peace possible in the restive Swat other wise our armed forces were unable to achieve the target. What was impossible by all arms, ammunitions, arsenals and jet fighters, Ulema made it possible through peaceful manners.

In case of Chitral, they were Ullema who maintained peace, law and order and harmony in 1999, otherwise the picture of Chitral would have been like the present Swat, Bajaur or Wazirsitan. If silent support of Chitrali Muslims is conceived negatively or wrongly by some circles it doesn’t matter and living in such a fool’s paradise is not in true sense. Chitrali love & like peace and harmony.

Articles and reports like the one edited by Sadia Shah seems to be use of "Pen/Writing Skill” to create tension & unrest in a very peaceful land, in a time when Chitral is reckon the only land of peace. Writers must keep in mind that the people of Chitral (Sunni+Ismaili+Kalash) live in peace, harmony and would maintain it at any cost. We could not allow a few one to play with the peace and sentiments of the Muslims.

We are integral part of NWFP and then Malakand agency since 1969, when the state was abolished. No strong voice has been raised by any circle to exclude Chitral from Malakand Division. We receive our job quota under this division. Being an integral part of Malakand division we (Chitrali Muslims) deserve rightly to have the Shariya Nizam-e-Adal regulations. We need and want it in a very soft and peaceful manner but if negative approaches are adopted to deprive Chitrali Muslims from their basic law/right than apparently this peaceful district could also see some unrest because {Some circles} or people will see that Demands and needs are only fulfilled by discomfort able means (Like Swat).

(God save Chitral from all this)

I believe that both the personalities {quoted by the writer} know better the position of Chitral. Being a Social and prominent political figure, Mr. Saeed Sardar Hussain is well aware of the political and religious situation of Chitral. His good services are required to bring the Sunni & Ismaili brothers more closely and develop realistic, healthy and hale and hearty relations. Elite like Mr. Saeed should keep in mind that people have their eyes on Chitral but we should also have our deep insight in all the occurring. 

MNA Chitral, both the MPAs and District Nazim have endorsed the promulgation of Nizam-e-Adal regulation and this is the voice of Chitrali Muslim living from Boroghul to Arandu/Lowari. Chitrali people are grateful to MNA Shehzada Mohiuddin, Minister Salim Khan, MPA Ghulam Muhammad and District Nazim Haji Maghfirat Shah for the proper representation of Chitral muslims.

K.A.Jamil Shahnawi أ Drosh, Chitral




Discriminatory attitude of RWEP and AKRSP


Through your valued paper I would like to draw the attention the discriminatory attitude of Media Award of RWEP Chitral and I being a journalist strongly condemned this discrimination. The RWEP deliberately ignored the two journalists and Editors of Chitral Vision Newspaper for the Media Award. The Regional Women Empowerment Project, a project of AKRSP Chitral is also responsible for discrimination. I request the RWEP and AKRSP Chitral to reconsider the names of all newspapers editors.


Article 25 of the constitution of Pakistan which ensures that all citizens are equal before the law and are entitled to equal protection of law. There shall be no discrimination on the basis of sex, language and province.


Mr. Rahmat Aziz, Zar Alam Khan Raza Khel and Mr. H. Rahman are the editors of newspaper Chitral Vision and freelance journalists. The Media Award was for those Chitrali journalists, news editors, columnist associated with electronic and print news media for the year 2008.


Akbar Ali Ghazi


"Where is Osama bin Laden? U.S. zeros in on Chitral, Pakistan in hunt for 9/11 mastermind’ – Responses



Comment: 1 – 17 March 2009



The last resort


Chitral was the last resort, which remained peaceful during American sponsored violence in FATA, DIK, Bannu, Swat, Peshawar, Mardan and other parts of NWFP. Recent report of James Gordan Meek, a CIA spy, in daily news Washington indicates that Chitral will be the next target of American sponsored violence in NWFP. The report gives the wrong and baseless impression that Chitral has been banned for tourists because Osama Bin Laden is hiding there. The report is one of the thousands of lies, the Washington based spy masters are habitual of telling. They believe in “telling a lie for hundred times and insisting that you are not telling a lie”. Before it is too late, our Foreign office should take the Washington based newspaper to task. Chitral is a land of barren mountains with 400000 populations. Any stranger in this area is traced within 24 hours. In case CIA and Pantagon have kept Osama alive despite his kidney failure in 2001, he will never, never take refuge in a barren rock
amongst peaceful people. NWFP Government should also respond to the American plan of creating disturbance in another peaceful district of NWFP.



Bashir Hussain Azad,



Comment: 2 – 18 March 2009

Apropos Bashir Hussain Azad’s letter on Osama and the news of his presence in Chitral to the North-East of NWFP, I do agree with the writer in refuting the hoax. The American Secret Service and the American Army, all are telling perpetual lies, and by repeating the lies they make people believe that this may be true to some extent. As a matter of fact, Osama has embraced Shahadat and the martyred holy war is no longer alive any where in the World. The American are using his name as lame excuse to kill the Muslim in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In case Osama is alive and keeps on finding safe places to hide from the enemy, which a Mujahid will never do, he will seek refuge in congested cities, thick forests and deserts with large caves. The District of Chitral has no such facility. How can the most wanted person on earth seek refuge in Chitral where there is no forest, no desert and no cave. The population is not Afghan to protect the Mujahid from enemy. Chitral is not a tribal area,
It settled district with only 300,000 population, 9 Police stations, 18 Police chokies and 20 Posts of Civil armed forces with a network of telephone lines, mobile towers and wireless stations at each nook and corner of the district. This is a place where a stranger is spoiled before 24 hours. I doubt the intention of the Americans. They failed in Swat and Bajour. Now they want to target Chitral. The report of James Gordon Meek is baseless in the sense it gives the wrong impression that Chitral is banned for tourists. The fact is that each nook and corner of Chitral is open for tourists. I appeal the Provincial Government to lodge a protest before the American consulate on their hostile attitude and baseless allegations.

Dr. Inayatullah Faizi

2 thoughts on “Letters

  1. I went through the letter of Bashir Hussain Azad and Inayat Ullah faizi. The way Faizi (darbari Writer) has portrayed the killer of humanity and his role model as martyred is agonizing for me. How can an educated person with having Label of DR writes like that. I think yellow journalism becomes his perpetual profession. He declared him as martyred in 2009 so what was in Abbotabad. Very shameful Mr. Faizi people like increasing extremism in the society.

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