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Chitralis want extra PIA flights, chopper service

Chitralis want extra PIA flights, chopper serviceچترال کے لیے پی آیی اے کی اضافی پروازیں شروع کی جاییں،یا پھر چوپر ہیلی کاپٹروں سروس جلد شروع کیا جایے

The News | Wednesday, December 24, 2008

By Bureau report 

PESHAWAR: Unrest among the inhabitants of Chitral is growing with each passing day as no proper arrangement has so far been made to connect the area with the rest of the country after the closure of the Lowari Pass. Hundreds of people have reportedly been stranded both in Chitral and Peshawar after the closure of the Lowari Top. 

“Neither an agreement has been signed with Afghanistan to allow safe passage through Kunar province, nor the number of PIA [Pakistan International Airline] flights has been enhanced after the closure of the pass,” lamented a number of Chitralis, who failed to get tickets for their native valley from Peshawar. “We are visiting the PIA office for the last many days but failed to get tickets owing to cancellation of flights due to bad weather,” they said.

They said the government should start chopper service from Dir to facilitate the people. “We are also ready to travel through Afghanistan provided proper arrangement is made for our security,” they said.

The Chitralis, led by former MNA Maulana Abdul Akbar, also staged a protest demonstration outside Peshawar Press Club in support of their demands. Holding banners and placards, the protesters chanted slogans in favour of their demands. They said their district remained cut off from rest of the country during entire winter due to heavy snowfall on the Lowari Top, a lone ground link to the landlocked district. 

They said that presently PIA was undertaking only one flight a day. They demanded that the number of Peshawar-Chitral flights should be increased to four from one to enable more people have access to their native district. The protesters also said that C-130 flights to the district should also be approved keeping in view the rush. 

“These days, we have been receiving large number of Hajis but there are very few flights to take them to their homes, so C-130 aircraft should be employed to fly them to Chitral,” Abdul Akbar said. 

برف باری نے چترال کا واحد زمینی راستہ لواری ٹاپ بند کردیا، چترال میں برف باری کا سلسلہ جاری ہے۔

Snowfall closes Lowari Topبرف باری نے چترال کا واحد زمینی راستہ لواری ٹاپ بند کردیا، چترال میں برف باری کا سلسلہ جاری ہے۔

The News | Sunday, December 21, 2008

By Shah Murad Baig
CHITRAL: The Lowari Pass, the only land route connecting Chitral to other parts of the country, has been closed for traffic, leaving hundreds of people stranded.

Being in the grip of torrential rains and snowfall for the last one week, Chitral has been cut-off from the rest of the country, increasing miseries of people. 

Moreover, far-flung areas have also been disconnected from the main city as snow and landslides have blocked various link roads. 

Heavy snowfall has been continuing in Mastuj, Toor Khow, Mor Khow, paralysing the normal life.

The scheduled PIA flights (between Chitral and Peshawar and Islamabad) have also been suspended due to the bad weather for the last few days and hundreds of Chitralis have been stranded in Peshawar. 

Meanwhile, an official of the National Highway Authority said that the Lowari Top would have been reopened had the pass not received more snowfall which, according to him, would be impossible now.

In the wake of closure of the Lowari Top and suspended PIA flights from Peshawar and Islamabad, Chitralis have demanded of the government to renew the agreement with the Afghan government to reopen the Arandu border.

Earlier, from December to April, the people of Chitral had been using Nawa Pass Road to reach Peshawar.

It was also reported that the Chitral-Gilgit Road had also been blocked at Shandur Pass as a result of the heavy snowfall.


Chitral to be linked via Torkham-Jalalabad F.P. Report

The Frontier Post, 20 Dec. 2008

Chitral to be linked via Torkham-Jalalabad F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: NWFP Minister for Population Welfare Saleem Khan on Friday disclosed that a case with the Federal Government has been taken up to link Chitral with the rest of the country via Torkham-Jalalabad during winter season. He express the confidence that approval to this project would be given by the Afghan government within the next few days. The minister said that a degree college and water supply scheme costing Rs. 50 million have been approved for Tehsil Drosh in Chitral in the current ADP. He disclosed that a survey team would soon be undertaking a survey of the area for the establishment of water supply scheme. Talking to a delegation of councilors from Tehsil Drosh led by Union Council Nazim Haider Abbas that called on him at his office the othe day, he said that equal importance is being given to all areas in PF-89 in the developmental projects without any discriminations. He castigated the propaganda unleashed by political rivals and called it ‘‘propaganda for the sake of propaganda’’. Saleem Khan clarified that he was making all possible efforts at every level for the development of all the areas of Chitral irrespective of political and other affiliations and in a short span of ten months he has undertaken and completed numerous developmental schemes in Chitral that could not be done in the last five years. Members of the delegation apprised the minister of the problems of their respective area, to which the minister assured that all the major problems of the area including education, health, water would be solved on priority basis.

TTHC demands concession on air ticketsتنظیم تحفطِ حقوقِ چترال (ٹی ٹی ایچ سی) کی جانب سے فضایی ٹکٹ میں رعایت کا مطالبہ


TTHC demands concession on air ticketsتنظیم تحفطِ حقوقِ چترال (ٹی ٹی ایچ سی) کی جانب سے فضایی ٹکٹ میں رعایت کا مطالبہ

PESHAWAR: Tanzeem-e-Tahaffuz-e-Haqooq-e-Chitral (TTHC) convener and former member of National Assembly (MNA) from Chitral district of NWFP Abdul Akbar on Saturday demanded 50 per cent concession in the Pakistan International Airline (PIA)’s tickets for the people of Chitral. 

Addressing a press conference at Peshawar Press Club, TTHC convener said due to closer of Lowari Top, the people of Chitral have been stranded and have no alternative ground route to go to other parts of the country. 

In the current situation, he said, it has become risky for them to use Afghanistan route to Peshawar and other parts of the country. 

He said that the district people can not afford air ticket and demanded of the government to give 50 per cent concession on PIA tickets to the district people and also increase the number of flights from and to Chitral. 

He also demanded of the government to give subsidy on PIA tickets as a relief to the people of Chitral till the opening of Lowari Top. – Daily Times -staff report

‘Step up efforts to develop Chitral’چترال کی ترقی کے لیےجدوجہد

‘Step up efforts to develop Chitral’چترال کی ترقی کے لیےجدوجہد

Associated Press of Pakistan

CHITRAL: District Nazim Chitral Haji Maghfirat Shah stressed upon all stakeholders comprising heads of line departments, representatives of civil societies and public sector for integrated approach and joint efforts for tangible and sustainable development of Chitral. 

He was addressing a round table meeting cum women coordination forum held here in a local hotel organized by Tehsil Municipal Administration in collaboration with Regional Women Empowerment Project (RWEP). Speaking on the occasion, District Nazim said that although so many NGOs working here for uplifting life standard of women folk and development of the entire district but it need more polishing and mutual coordination for sustainable development and integrated approach so as to avoid repetition and bring positive changes in their lives. 

He said that Women Development Forum must be established to boost their existing skill by different ways like giving them more training, linking their products to national and international market, sale points and sophisticating their existing skill and handicrafts. 

He said that existing scenario needed more opportunities to stand them on their own feet so as to minimized their dependency on male by earning their livelihood with their own ways and source locally without disturbing our culture. 

He appreciated mosaic training and its products that local women of Chitral have prepared very attractive and best decoration pieces from small stones and pieces of marble first time in Chitral. 

He emphasized on all civil societies working for women uplifting to provide them all possible opportunities at their doorsteps and confidence of ownership of any project working for their development to attract their interest. 

District Nazim said that after opening of the Lawari tunnel we will face more challenges by arrival of expert, sound and strong people from down districts and we should be prepared mentally to compete with others. He said that district government always support you and never create any hurdles in the ways of any non-government organisation working for women development and empowerment. All the government agencies, civil societies will support you massively but you must work with mutual coordination for solid, tangible and visible development to bring changes in life standard of women folk. 

Addressing the forum Tehsil Nazim Chitral Saraj Ahamd Khan expressed his concern over that, after sharing experiences of different non-government organisations and said that it seems that there is no integrated approach and mutual coordination among them.

حقوق سے انکاری چترالی خواتین کی خودکشی کی بڑی وجہ ہے۔

‘Denial of rights behind high suicide rate in Chitral’ حقوق سے انکاری چترالی خواتین کی خودکشی کی بڑی وجہ ہے۔

The News,  Sunday, December 07, 2008

By by Our correspondent 

CHITRAL: Speakers at a workshop here Saturday said denial of rights to women was the major cause of increasing suicide rate among them.

The one-day workshop was organised by the Easy & Equitable Access to Justice for women of Chitral — a project launched by Legal Awareness Programme of Human Rights (Laph) funded by Ireland-based NGO Trocaire, at Bamboret village of Kalash valley. 

The speakers said there was only one female doctor for 100,000 women patients and only three per cent girls students reach metric level and the rest could not continue with their studies owing to variety of reasons.

The speakers criticised education system in Chitral especially in Kalash valleys. They alleged that some teachers remained absent or pay 2,000 per month to educated girls to take classes.

Those how spoke on the occasion included Gulshad, Niaz Ali Shah, Wazir Zada (Kalash), Sher Muhammad minority councillor, Nabaig Advocate, Sheda, Khurshid Ahamd Naib and Rahmat Elahi.

Efforts needed for Chitral’s development: Chitral District Nazim ……

Foreign hand involved in terrorist acts: Naqvi

Daiy Times – Staff Report

PESHAWAR: Tehrik Nifaz Fiqah-e-Jafria (TNFJ) chief Allama Sajid Naqvi on Sunday said that Peshawar terrorist incident killing over 35 people was a conspiracy to fan sectarianism in the country.

Talking to media persons here after attending a meeting of ulema belonging to various schools of thought at Madrassa Allama Arif Hussain Al-Hussaini, Naqvi said that foreign hands could be involved in terrorism in different parts of the country calling for joint efforts to thwart this conspiracy.

Naqvi said the whole country was a victim of terrorism and even mosques and imambargahs were not safe. He did not rule out the possibility of involvement of foreign hands in terrorist activities taking place across the country.

Naqvi said that both federal and provincial governments were carrying out their duties in an effective manner to check terrorism. However, he underlined the need for unity among the people to banish terrorism from the country. 

Efforts needed for Chitral’s development: Chitral District Nazim Haji Maghfirat Shah urged all stakeholders, including heads of departments and representatives of civil society, to make coordinated efforts for sustainable development of Chitral.

He was addressing a meeting held at a local hotel. The meeting was organised by the Tehsil Municipal Administration in collaboration with the Regional Women Empowerment Project.

Speaking on the occasion, the district nazim said that although many non-government organisations were working for raising life standards of women folk and development of the entire district, there was a need of more coordination for sustainable development of the area. 

He said that the Women Development Forum must be established to improve the skills of women by different ways.



Heavy snowfall disrupts power supply to Chitral

The News – Tuesday, December 09, 2008

By Our correspondent 

CHITRAL: Heavy rains and snowfall that began early on Sunday blocked Lowari Top and suspended power supply to various parts of the valley.

Sources said the valleys, witnessed a sudden decrease in the temperatures due to the snowfall and rains, which continued till the filing of this report.

Also, the rains affected the business of cattle dealers, as people stayed indoors due to biting cold and the high prices of sacrificial animals.

Local people complained that despite decrease in the prices of liquefied petroleum gas throughout the country, the commodity was being sold in the district at Rs92 per kg, which ultimately caused hike in the prices of firewood from Rs180 to Rs210.