ZONG offers attractive, low-cost internet mobile solution

Karachi: April 15, 2010 – ZONG has announced an innovative mobile Internet package – the Daily Bundle – for mobile Internet in Pakistan. The Daily Bundle service offers the most affordable and convenient package for mobile Internet which is a first in Pakistan.

There is a huge market for dial-up Internet in Pakistan, as compared to mobile internet which is relatively costly. ZONG’s Daily Bundle is an attractive package which offers users the benefits of Internet on one’s mobile at a very low cost of Rs. 5+tax / day. It also allows the users the flexibility as

they can pay on a daily basis, and most importantly, the privacy of mobile internet – something which the users do not get on a desktop computer. Furthermore, given the increased frequency of power outages in the country, this service offers the convenience of browsing the internet on your mobile 24/7.

Expressing his views Awais Malik, Director Segment & VAS, ZONG said that ZONG is committed to continuous market innovation in Pakistan, and added, “The demand for using Internet is growing in Pakistan, however, the associated cost is an impediment. Through this very affordable package, ZONG’s subscribers will be able to experience fast and reliable Internet service using their mobile phones.”
In order to subscribe to the Daily Bundle, ZONG customers can Dial *906#.
The Customer will be charged a one-time Subscription fee of Rs. 10. Customers will get 60 Flexi minutes, which they can use any time during the day without additional charges. This is a great feature customers have now the power to use mobile internet whenever they want to without paying extra.
With the introduction of the Daily Bundle, ZONG has once again taken lead in the telecom industry by coming up with yet another innovative product for its subscribers. The brand continues to offer subscriber-friendly packages and develops attractive services for its customers so that they can communicate freely without having to worry about cost.
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