‘Marriage hasn’t changed anything’ شادی نے کچھ نہیں بدلا میرا۔۔۔ سب کچھ وہی ہیں جو شادی سے پہلے تھیں۔۔ اور میں اپنے جسم کو بالکل پہلے کی طرح رول کے مطابق لہرا سکتی ہوں۔۔ شادی نے میری قوت حرکت کو بالکل نہ بدل سکا۔۔۔ شلپا شیٹی

DNA India – Prithwish Ganguly – Actress SHILPA SHETTY says things remain the same for her on the work front and she’s still ready to flaunt her body if the role requires her to do so
Actress Shilpa Shetty says marriage has not changed the dynamics of her acting career even one bit. In fact, she is quite excited about a project where she is required to do a body baring act — very much on the lines of what she did in Dostana — again.

"Marriage hasn’t changed anything. I would do a Dostana act once again. My father and husband are very encouraging. When I did Dostana, I was seeing Raj (Kundra) and he was whistling when he saw the number. Even my father is very open-minded. He says if you are showing your legs, show it well,” she tells After Hrs in an exclusive interview.
"I was an actor first before I became Raj’s wife and he knew how my profession was. But it is always important for you to draw the line and know where to stop. However, now I will only do a film that is really worthwhile. I do not have much time to waste,” Shilpa laughs.
Shilpa, who won the DNA After Hrs Style Goddess award a few days ago, says her love for clothes would definitely propel her to launch her signature clothing line soon.
"I’ve always loved to do something that excites me and clothes do excite me. I have always been a trendsetter. For me style is something that is subjective. You should always make your own definition of style.”
Ask her who her favourite designer is, and Shilpa shoots, "It has to be Donna Karan. I think her cuts are timeless. I have outfits that I had bought five years ago and I can still wear them. Her use of colours is brilliant and the outfits are classy. I used to be a heavy accessories person. I love jewellery but I have a rule — when I wear ear-rings I don’t wear a neckpiece and vice versa. A watch is a prerequisite for me.”
Shilpa is also expanding her spa business in Mumbai with a third outlet coming up in a year. She credits her current avatar to her businessman husband Raj Kundra.
"I hadn’t in my wildest dreams thought about doing so many things. My present avatar is beyond my imagination. I had always thought about doing something with beauty but the thoughts were to own a salon or something. I give my husband total credit for pushing me and trusting me with so much,” Shilpa says.
The actor adds, "I always tend to go with how Raj visualises a business. He is very good and though he has a bias towards me many a times because I’m his wife, he tells me on my face when I go wrong and without any sugar coating. Business is like a whole new world for me and I’m enjoying it. I am probably the only actor in India to handle three to four businesses.”
Shilpa is content with how her life has turned out. "Big Brother and then all the acclaim happened at a time when I was tired of waiting for movies. So when Big Brother happened to me people felt happy for me. They felt it was poetic justice as I had really worked very hard. Many thought I should have got the fame much earlier. I’m very happy with the way my life has shaped up,” she signs off, flashing her dazzling smile.

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